Privacy policy: we care about the security of your data

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to clarify the scope of services offered by the website and the secure manner in which we store your personal information. This policy briefly explains your rights as a user of our site.


This site does not present any real money games offered in casinos. All games on the site are exclusively entertaining. We make every effort to ensure that the information available on the website is as accurate as possible, but we are not responsible for any damage caused by their interpretation. All information displayed on the website is for educational purposes only.

Information about personal data

All information collected by the user information page is always private. We never share them with third parties. Inside your company, your data will be shared only with employees who will need it. We will never sell or provide your information to casinos or other companies without your consent.

How we use your data

We only use all collected personal information to improve your experience. We will use your data to send you informative and useful email messages. We also use information about the user to carry out analyses that help us create a better user experience for everyone using our site. We create more relevant content and provide more relevant advertising within our community.

Your rights

As a user, you manage all the information. We will remove or limit your personal data upon request. We will stop using them or completely remove them from our database. If you want to restrict or delete your personal information from our database, please send us an email with information about the reason why you no longer want to share information about yourself.